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Seth Martin ⚡
Electrical Electrician Geek Decentralization Communications GNU Linux Debian Ubuntu FOSS FLOSS OSS Vegan Vegetarian Voluntaryist Voluntaryism Zot Zap Hubzilla
Time Magazine Person of the Year - 2006

I'm different.
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Please use my PGP Public Key to verify my signatures and encrypt messages to me. For even remotely sensitive stuff, always encrypt e-mail for me, and do consider that the subject line does not get encrypted.

The best and preferred way to contact me is my website powered by Zap:
Why do I emphasize that my website is powered by Zap software? Because Zap has got Zot, a revolutionary protocol which provides three core capabilities: Communications, Identity, and Access Control.
Anyone that has got Zot can interact here. If you have not yet, you can Get Zot by creating a Zap channel with the last account you will ever need at my public Zap website or any public Hubzilla site.

I rarely log in to these so don't try contacting me there for anything important:
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